A majority of the interviews/articles/reviews re: Ian Pyper make a point to state that Mr. Pyper is a tad on the laconic side. I have been in communiqué with the artist on numerous occasions and have never found him wanting for dialogue. No, he doesn’t ramble as much as I do, but then why does he need to? Ian Pyper’s  quite prolific art speaks for him and that art is one of relentless communication. In this , Ian is a kindred spirit in the realm of outsider art, brut , visionary ,  fringe , primitive, or whatever term one wishes … Continue reading IAN PYPER’S ART OF RELENTLESS COMMUNICATION


From: Keith Banner, Butler County Board of MR/DD Date: January 22, 2002 The Middletown Fine Arts Center, The Art Thing Project, & Empowered People with Disabilities present… When Silence Becomes Singing …an art exhibit of paintings, sculptures, drawings, and words by Antonio Adams, Kendra Bayer, Richard Brown, Cheryl Conley, Dan Dagenbach, Jarel Galloway, Stevie Grueter, Patty Kempf, Pam Myrick, Paul Rowland, Eric Ryan, Rose Sattler, Gregory Soellner Jr., Raymond Thunder-Sky, Kevin White, and many others. It opens March 22, 2002 at the Middletown Fine Arts Center in Middletown, Ohio, with a reception from 6 to 8 PM. The Middletown Fine … Continue reading WHEN SILENCE BECOMES SINGING


While going through our old yahoo group: The Fringe Ezine, I stumbled upon two articles I posted there from 2004.  Both are by David Wecker who I finally met a few months ago,  during the shooting of our documentary of artist Raymond Thunder-Sky in Cincinnati. As per the norm, I had forgotten all about posting these but, it was a bit like finding some old gems. Much has happened since then. Raymond passed just a few months after these articles were published, Keith Banner and Bill Ross departed V & V and started their own gallery, named after Raymond, and … Continue reading FROM THE ARCHIVES: THE ART THING PROJECT

THUNDER-SKY promo video for documentary

This is an 8 minute promotional video for a featured documentary. An art gallery and organization, inspired by Raymond Thunder-Sky — an unconventional artist whose works and life transcend notions of “outsider” and “insider” art, breaks barriers, demolishes stereotypes, and empowers artists (both self-taught and formally educated) through showcasing their works and stories side by side. Continue reading THUNDER-SKY promo video for documentary