SEA OF ROSARIES: Our Lady of Sorrows (2018)

“To Our Lady of the Seven Sorrows” (Arthur Symons) Lady of the seven sorrows which are love,What sacrificial wayFirst led your feet to, those remoter heightsWhich, for the uttermost delightsOf martyrs and Love’s saints, are set aboveThe Stations of the passion of our day? Seven sorrows unto you has been desireSince first your cheek grew pale.And your astonished breath would fail,And your eyes deepened into smouldering fire;Seven sorrows from a child. Nor has the soul which in you pants and risesAt any time been reconciledWith love and love’s intolerable disguises.In the child’s morning-hourYou woke, and knew not the immortal powerWhich … Continue reading SEA OF ROSARIES: Our Lady of Sorrows (2018)

SEA OF ROSARIES: Our Lady of Sorrows

“The Evening of the Visitation” (Thomas Merton) Go, roads, to the four quarters of our quiet distance,While you, full moon, wise queen,Begin your evening journey to the hills of heaven,And travel no less stately in the summer skyThan Mary, going to the house of Zachary. The woods are silent with the sleep of doves,The valleys with the sleep of streams,And all our barns are happy with peace of cattle gone to rest.Still wakeful, in the fields, the shocks of wheatPreach and say prayers:You sheaves, make all your evensongs as sweet as ours,Whose summer world, all ready for the granary and … Continue reading SEA OF ROSARIES: Our Lady of Sorrows