SEA OF ROSARIES: Our Lady of La Vang (Annunciation)

“La Comparsa En Oriente” (Thomas Merton) Drums of the early evening wakeThe mountain full of ore, and the canebrake.Up at Cobre tall tambores callOne who rings gangarias with a nail,One with feathers for sleeves,One whose arms are birds,One with a mouth full of great firesAnd lights instead of words. One with a tobacco leaf hatRings his drum like a bell,And brings the saints of heaven, with claves,Down from the starlit hill;A black angel beats an ass’s jawAnd (tick tick) a white the clavesWhile the sodality of the blessed virginFollow after, carrying flowers. Five angels beating bongos,Seven saints ringing their bells,Wear … Continue reading SEA OF ROSARIES: Our Lady of La Vang (Annunciation)