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Dear Raymond (BlueMahler’s homage to Raymond Thunder-sky)

Dear Raymond,
We hope you enjoy this short companion film to the documentary Thunder-Sky as much as we’ve enjoyed your life’s work. I hope you travel well.

BlueMahler pays homage to the artist Raymond Thunder-Sky. BlueMahler is the performance art character of artist Alfred Eaker. Like Raymond’s stoic construction clown, BlueMahler is not a clown in the traditional sense. Rather, the clown characterization is merely a skin to wear for the spirit journey.

“Wanderer, there may be no destination, but you must travel the road anyway.” -Luigi Nono, composer. BlueMahler feels this is something Raymond understood and identified with. It is that which endeared Raymond to BlueMahler. This is BlueMahler’s tribute.

Co-directed by Alfred Eaker and J. Ross Eaker
Starring Shelby Armstrong, Alfred Eaker, Nate Saylor, Steve Stephens, and Jordan Wheatley.
Make-up Jen Ring, Shelby Armstrong, and Steve Stephens.
Music: Peer Gynt by E. Grieg courtesy of Tahra Records

© Eaker productions, llc.


Some behind the scene pics of the short film, “Unrequited.” Directed by David Ross. Cinematography and still photography by Dan Land. Makeup by Don Trent and Vanessa Blake.

Starring Jessica Forelich as Alice, Alfred Eaker as BlueMahler, Mindy Steel as the Evil Queen, Nate Saylor as the March Hare, Patrick Greathouse as the Mad Hatter, Don Mabry as the Executioner.