SEA OF ROSARIES: Annunciation

Annunciation (oil on canvas) © 2011 Alfred Eaker Annunciation (Thomas Merton) Ashes of paper, ashes of a world Wandering, when fire is done: We argue with the drops of rain! Until one comes Who walks unseen Even in elements we have destroyed. Deeper than any nerve He enters flesh and bone. Planting His truth, He puts our substance on. Air, earth, and rain Rework the frame that fire has ruined. What was dead is waiting for His Flame. Sparks of His Spirit spend their seeds, and hide To grow like irises, born before summertime. These blue thinas bud in Israel. The … Continue reading SEA OF ROSARIES: Annunciation

SEA OF ROSARIES: Our Lady of La Salette

“La Salette,” by Thomas Merton It is a hundred years since your shy feetVentured to stand upon the pasture grass of the highAlps, Coming no deeper in our smoky atmosphereThan these blue skies, the mountain eyesOf the two shepherd children, young as flowers,Born to be dazzled by no mortal snow. Lady, it is a hundred yearsSince those fair, terrible tearsReproved, with their amazing griefAll the proud candor of those altitudes:Crowning the flowers at your feetWith diamonds, that seized upon, transfigured intonails of lightThe rays of the mountain sun!- And by their news,(Which came with cowbells to the evening villageAnd to … Continue reading SEA OF ROSARIES: Our Lady of La Salette