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Stills from “STATIONS”

Stations, a work in progress…

  • Written by Alfred Eaker and Wendy Collin Sorin.
  • Additional poetry by John M. Bennett.
  • Directed by Alfred Eaker and J. Ross Eaker
  • Art director: Todd M. Coe
  • Additional art direction: J. Ross Eaker, Alfred Eaker and Wendy Collin Sorin.
  • Starring: Randy Cox as James the Lesser; Tristan Ross, as James the Greater; Amy Petinella, as Eve; Alfred Eaker, as BlueMahler; James Mannan, as Herod; Robin Panet, as the witch.

All images copyright of Eaker Productions, llc. © Eaker Productions 2014.

Dear Raymond (BlueMahler’s homage to Raymond Thunder-sky)

Dear Raymond,
We hope you enjoy this short companion film to the documentary Thunder-Sky as much as we’ve enjoyed your life’s work. I hope you travel well.

BlueMahler pays homage to the artist Raymond Thunder-Sky. BlueMahler is the performance art character of artist Alfred Eaker. Like Raymond’s stoic construction clown, BlueMahler is not a clown in the traditional sense. Rather, the clown characterization is merely a skin to wear for the spirit journey.

“Wanderer, there may be no destination, but you must travel the road anyway.” -Luigi Nono, composer. BlueMahler feels this is something Raymond understood and identified with. It is that which endeared Raymond to BlueMahler. This is BlueMahler’s tribute.

Co-directed by Alfred Eaker and J. Ross Eaker
Starring Shelby Armstrong, Alfred Eaker, Nate Saylor, Steve Stephens, and Jordan Wheatley.
Make-up Jen Ring, Shelby Armstrong, and Steve Stephens.
Music: Peer Gynt by E. Grieg courtesy of Tahra Records

© Eaker productions, llc.

BlueMahler in “Jesus and her Gospel of Yes”

Movie Plot

“Jesus and her Gospel of Yes ” is a visual and aural collage of ‘spiritual irreverence’ which conveys a humanist and optimistic message. It is a surreal, complex, modern, psychedelic film retelling the life of Christ as woman and leader of the Gospel of Yes. Her nemesis and leader of NO is the trans-gendered Moses…

Still pictures

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About Alfred Eaker:

Alfred Eaker

Alfred Eaker is a prolific fine arts painter and muralist, an award-winning filmmaker and film critic, and a traditionally-published author. Following on the success of his debut novel, “Brother Cobweb,” Eaker is currently collaborating with Todd M. Coe on the related Graphic novel: “The Brother Cobweb Chronicles.It will be available in the spring 2021. The audiobook version of Brother Cobweb is also being produced, and will soon be released too.

As an American artist with an inquisitive soul, he has always been deeply engaged into the social and political climate of his country. Eaker is currently working on a mural painting entitled “Elvis: An American Hymn.” Through it, Eaker is trying to bring affirming answers to issues of race, integration and hope so desperately needed at this moment in America.

W the Movie, by Alfred Eaker

About “W the movie”

“W the Movie” is a surreal satire on the presidency of George W Bush, beginning with 2000 elections and ending with the 2008 campaign.

At the dawn of the 21st century, strange things begin to happen when a meteor crashes in the Arizona desert. A Texas Oil Man discovers the meteor and inside it, his long lost son, W. With his daddy’s help, W steals the presidential election, becoming the 43rd President of the United States and a world of chaos begins! After 911, W brings War and with it, suppression of all free thought. Among those standing up to the new regime are the staff of Issues and Alibis, including our superhero, the intrepid reporter BlueMahler.

Issues and Alibis, and likewise, all creative thinkers, are a threat to W and the White House becomes the House of Oppression. W’s hold on power begins to spiral out of control after the people finally wake up following the disaster of a devastating hurricane and the failure of War. But change is on the horizon in the form of the Yes candidate, Barak Hussein Osama. Or will W’s handpicked successor, Johnny McPain, continue the legacy of No? Have we realized too little too late and are we prepared for the next time a meteor crashes in the Arizona desert?

‘W’ is an Alfred Eaker motion picture. Written and produced by Alfred Eaker Directed by Alfred Eaker and Ross St. Just A Pink and Blue Films production in association with Liberty or Death Productions and Asylum House Productions.

W The Movie Teaser Trailer

W the Movie “No Torture” Trailer

W the Movie Official Trailer

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