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(Featuring Cheryl Townsend as Christ)


Christ, Our Mother (Julian of Norwich)

The Wedding At Cana

The Baptism Of Christ, Our Mother

The Temptation of Christ, Our Mother

Good Samaritan (A parable, as told by Christ, Our Mother)

Lazarus &The Rich Man (A parable, as told by Christ, Our Mother)

Christ, Our Mother and the adulteress

Christ, Our Mother and the Samaritan woman, according to St. John

The Sermon On the Mount as told by Christ, Our Mother

Christ, Our Mother healing the Leper

Christ, Our Mother heals the faithful Centurion’s pais

Christ, Our Mother casting the demons into the swine

The Transfiguration of Christ, Our Mother

Mary & Martha


Christ, Our Mother throwing the moneychangers out of the temple


The Betrayal & Arrest of Christ, Our Mother

The Trial of Christ, Our Mother

Pontius Pilate condemns Christ, Our Mother

The Passion of Christ, Our Mother

Christ, Our Mother Falls

The Gospel of Contempt

Christ Meets Her Mother on the way to the cross

Christ, Our Mother meets the women of Jerusalem

Mary and the Beloved Disciple at the foot of the cross of Christ, Our Mother

The murder of Christ, Our Mother

Yellow Resurrection

Peter and John racing to the tomb of Christ, Our Mother

The Ascension of Christ, Our Mother

A Woman Clothed In The Sun

The Apocalypse Of Christ, Our Mother

A 2017 tribute to John McCain in art: Christ, Our Mother heals the faithful Centurion’s pais

Christ, Our Mother heals the faithful Centurion’s pais. ©2017 Alfred Eaker.

A tribute I paid to Sen. John McCain about a year ago, casting him as the Centurion in “the Gospel of Christ, Our Mother “ ( a series which cast Christ in the symbol of Julian of Norwich’s Christ, Our Mother ) although I didn’t always agree with him politically, McCain was the last of the Rockefeller Republicans – a moderate- who believed in reaching out and working with those of different ideologies and who refused to mantle a fundamentalist attitude of towing the party dogmatic line.

In the narrative, a Roman centurion goes to Christ and asks Christ to heal an ill servant. Christ agrees and gets up to leave. The centurion stops Christ and says, “ No, you do not have to leave. Just say the word and my servant will be healed.” Christ marvels at this and says, “ I have never seen this kind of faith in all of Israel. Your servant is healed.” And he was. This is the moment the centurion thanks Christ. Christ as mother is a metaphor, which comes from the 14th century mystic , Julian of Norwich who essentially said Christ was as maternal in his empathy and love as he was paternal . So, in this contemporary setting , I cast Christ as mother, McCain as the centurion. It’s kind of a reflection of McCain’s bipartisanship, sticking to his guns of being a maverick, and his faith in country.2017 Alfred Eaker

SEA OF ROSARIES: Our Lady of Montserrat

Our Lady of Montserrat ©2018 Alfred Eaker

I it am by Julian of Norwich

I it am.
The greatness and goodness of the Father,
I it am;
the wisdom and kindness of the Mother,
I it am.

About Alfred Eaker:

Alfred Eaker

Alfred Eaker is a prolific fine arts painter and muralist, an award-winning filmmaker and film critic, and a traditionally-published author. Following on the success of his debut novel, “Brother Cobweb,” Eaker is currently collaborating with Todd M. Coe on the related Graphic novel: “The Brother Cobweb Chronicles.It will be available in the spring 2021. The audiobook version of Brother Cobweb is also being produced, and will soon be released too.

As an inquisitive American artist, he has always been deeply engaged in social, religious, and political climates. Eaker is currently working on a mural painting entitled “Elvis: An American Hymn.” Through it, Eaker is trying to bring affirming answers to issues of race, integration and hope so desperately needed at this moment in America.

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