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Pierre Boulez Mural ©️2018, Alfred Eaker. (Stained Glass Boulez in the Church of Brother Cobweb @The House of Shadows in Gresham, Oregon).

These are 15 -8ft x 4ft paintings on wood panels. Being raised in an extremely conservative Pentecostal environment, I was paradoxically also pursuing artistic endeavors and exposed to the music of Wagner early on. Taking my drawing pad to church, I rebelled by creating a fictional preacher named Brother Cobweb (the novel about the character is being published next year).

Years later, in 1980, PBS announced the airing of the Pierre Boulez/ Patrice Chereau Ring Cycle. Researching Boulez, two quotes resonated: “Whenever there is extreme conservatism, there is an explosion of revolt,” and “ We must by cultural omnivores and raid all the art forms to enhance our own medium.”

Boulez’s Ring was as radical as promised and in the late 80s, I began to see him often in concert; mostly in Chicago and Cleveland. As I did in that church, I took drawing pads and drew Boulez conducting his own music, Schoenberg, Berg, Webern, Mahler, Bartok, Ravel, Debussy, Varese, and Augusta Read Thomas. I drew quickly, without looking at the paper and over a span of some fifty concerts, produced thousands of rough sketches, some of which I did paintings from.

When I moved to Portland and was hired as a muralist for the House of Shadows, I was given my own Church of Brother Cobweb where I perform the character. This year, I created for the Church this Boulez mural for its “stained glass windows.” Most of the paintings are taken from Boulez conducting in Chicago; others in Cleveland. That they are on wood, for me, echoes the diaphanous spikiness found in some of the music. This is my idiosyncratic scoring to a twilight of the tiny god: Brother Cobweb. Alfred Eaker.

“BROTHER COBWEB’S LAST SUPPER ” AND “BROTHER COBWEB’S TENT REVIVAL,” house paint on wood panels ©2017 Alfred Eaker

With my lifelong painting of idiosyncratic (or heterodox if one prefers) iconography, I suppose it was inevitable that I paint a last supper. This mural, titled “Brother Cobweb’s Last Supper” will be used for”The Church Of Brother Cobweb” haunt at the Gresham, Oregon HOUSE OF SHADOWS for the West Coast Haunter’s Convention this May and its October haunt.

The second mural, “Brother Cobweb’s Tent Revival” will be used as the entrance door into The Church Of Brother Cobweb.

Although, I drew numerous last suppers as a child (including several with a 600 pound Jesus), this is my first painting of the subject. Of course, it’s composed in my second language of blasphemy, which I speak fluently.

Brother Cobweb’s last supper:

“Brother Cobweb’s Last Supper,” 8ft x 16 ft, house paint on wood panels (featuring the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Kim Davis, America’s Best Christian Betty Bowers as Magdalene, Jimmy Swaggart, Anita Bryant,Jerry Falwell, Jan & Phil Crouch, Benny Hinn, Rev. Jim Jones, Brother Cobweb, Ernest Angley, The Duggars, Phil Robertson, Ted Cruz, Pat Robertson, Michelle Bachman, Sarah Palin, Ben Carson, Jerry Falwell Jr wearing a Jesus/Trump shirt, Mike Huckabee, the junior Duggars, Matthew Myer Boulton, and Sister Sandpaper) ©2017 Alfred Eaker

Brother Cobweb’s last supper close-ups:

Brother Cobweb Tent’s revival:

“Brother Cobweb’s Tent Revival,”  8ft x 4 ft, house paint on wood panel ©2017 Alfred Eaker