SEA OF ROSARIES: Black Madonna of Oropa

Aubade-Harlem by Thomas Merton Across the cages of the keyless aviaries,The lines and wires, the gallows of the broken kites,   Crucify, against the fearful light,The ragged dresses of the little children.Soon, in the sterile jungles of the waterpipes and ladders,   The bleeding sun, a bird of prey, will terrify the poor,   These will forget the unbelievable moon. But in the cells of whiter buildings,Where the glass dawn is brighter than the knives of surgeons,   Paler than alcohol or ether, shinier than money,The white men’s wives, like Pilate’s,Cry in the peril of their frozen dreams: “Daylight has driven iron spikes,Into the flesh of Jesus’ hands … Continue reading SEA OF ROSARIES: Black Madonna of Oropa