The Drums Of War

The Drums Of War
By Ernest Stewart

The drums of war ring loud tonight
The traitor’s words ring hollow.
To steal some oil they’ll go and fight
But I will never follow.

The golden land of yesterday
Is gone forever more.
And from the ashes sad to say
Arises the Phoenix of war.

A lie is told, the truth is spun
One thousand die a day.
Till every loving mother’s son
Is fighting in the fray.

The years pass by without a change
Except the deadly score.
And still they try to rearrange
To kill a million more.

What goes around, will come around
Someday upon our shore.
Promethius will come, unbound
To even up the score.

Empires rise, empires fall
And ours will do the same.
It’s not how high you build the wall
But how you play the game!
(c) 2010 Ernest Stewart