Brother Cobweb Novel

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Synopsis of the 2018 novel, “BROTHER COBWEB”:

Nothing will pulverize preconceived notions like the imaginative realm of a child and that is the Genesis of the Alfred Eaker novel: BROTHER COBWEB. Although pubescent CALVIN ELKAN is inherently artistic, his sense of iconography isn’t cultivated in formal lessons. Rather, it is born of conflict and upheaval. Possessing a spiritual bond with his contrarian German Jewish grandfather; POP, Calvin’s aesthetic response takes flight on the wooden pews of his mother NANCY’S Indiana Pentecostal church when he opens a drawing pad and crafts the character Brother Cobweb, satirizing her bible-thumping, gun-toting preacher HARRY DUSHANE.

From Pop’s influential world of Leonard Bernstein and a mermaid bride to tongue-speaking fascists, Calvin, like the mythical Adam, has one leg in an envisioned paradise and the other in less edifying earthly brimstone. Yet, even in the belly of a backwoods sawdust-on-the-floor LIGHTHOUSE CHURCH, Calvin finds unintentionally surreal inspiration. Through the intervention of REVEREND JIM JONES, Calvin is saved from a near-death experience only to lose Pop shortly after. With that death, Nancy vainly attempts to white out Calvin’s protector when she begins subjecting her son to unfathomable abuse.

Pushed down by a spiritually bankrupt religion, the evangelical status quo, and thug in place of a mother, Calvin crafts his own idiosyncratic mythology, springing into a boundlessly expansive promenade that spans a half century; from the 1960s to Trump’s America. With a technicolored Eden of the sacred feminine as his rainbow gold, Calvin as cultural omnivore zig-zags in and out of a self-fashioned station of the cross, characterized by swirling biblical-like plagues, an angelic protector pulled from a Christmas view-master reel, apocalyptic revelations, an epic struggle to self-educate amidst the horrors of hypocrisy, betrayals, murder, arson, and shifting sanctuaries. Facetious paintbrush in hand, Calvin provocatively unties Brother Cobweb and composes a defiant, yet intimate suite, transforming a lifelong persona into a funky justification by imagination.