“Thunder-sky” documentary

Alfred Eaker and J Ross Eaker of Eaker Productions have produced and directed a documentary about Raymond Thunder-Sky. The film, now making the rounds with film festival review boards, documents Raymond’s life and influence through interviews with Cincinnati artists, co-workers, construction workers, and fans who knew him. Continue reading “Thunder-sky” documentary

“Hallows Dance”

This was our short film for the 2008 48 HR film festival. I supplied the narrative (co-scripted by myself, J. Ross Eaker, and Terry Dellinger). James Mannan and Robin Panet co-directed. I co-acted with Jason Hignite. It is based of the tragic, true story of my assistant manager (having taken place in the early 90s). Continue reading “Hallows Dance”



This was made for the 2009 48 Hr film contest. It was written by myself, using the poerty of John M. Bennett. I co-directed with Robin Panet and co-acted with frequent collaborator James Mannan. After the premiere, one of the judges took me aside and said: “I dig your film and really wanted you guys to win, but you just broke too many rules.” We did indeed. Continue reading “9”


Stations, a work in progress… Written by Alfred Eaker and Wendy Collin Sorin. Additional poetry by John M. Bennett. Directed by Alfred Eaker and J. Ross Eaker Art director: Todd M. Coe Additional art direction: J. Ross Eaker, Alfred Eaker and Wendy Collin Sorin. Starring: Randy Cox as James the Lesser; Tristan Ross, as James … Continue reading “Stations”