On All Hallows Eve by Ernest Stewart © 1999/2010

On All Hallows Eve

It was Linda and I, who being quite bored
Went out to the drive-in in my fast back Ford.
To see a few movies and to get down and pet,
though it’s been 30 years I remember it yet!

T’was All Hallows Eve and a triple feature,
with Boris and Vincent, not to mention the creature.
The movies were bad, directed by Corman,
but I didn’t care, I just wanted to score man!

We crawled in the back and the windows did steam,
as I moved to first base there came a loud scream.
But I hadn’t noticed, I was well on my way,
when Linda jumped up and started to say.

“What was that noise, so hauntingly near?”
After looking around I said, “It’s nothing dear.
It was only the actors up on the screen,
come back to my arms and don’t make a scene.”

We settled back down and started to kiss,
when a knock on the door soon ended our bliss.
For there stood a Zombie, a Mummy, and Zoul,
Frankenstein’s monster, Vampires, and Ghouls.

They pointed their fingers from us to their maws,
then started to scratch on the glass with their claws.
Amid hissing, and groaning and moaning and such,
I put it in gear man and let out the clutch.

Then into the night we went with a roar,
until we were home and had locked the front door.
And so to you all, this moral I weave
Leave the Acid alone, On All Hallows Eve!
(c) 1999/2010 Ernest Stewart

My Cyber Love

A Cyber kind of love, I share with thee.
Although many miles separate us, I cling to you
Across space and time you come to my arms
I hold you close and whisper a lover’s words in your ear
Just out of sight of others we find love where we may
Although we’ve never met I feel I know you
I feel you move to my touch
I hear you cry out my name
Perhaps some day we’ll meet and consummate our love
Perhaps not
We’ll go our separate ways knowing that there is someone,
somewhere that loves us
What more could one want than to be loved by you
A Cyber kind of love I share with thee

(c) 1999 Ernest Stewart

The Beauty Of Thy Love

The Beauty Of Thy Love

The tenderest of kisses and caresses,
I send to thee…
To wash all o’er your body
Like the waves upon a beach,
Take my hand,
Take my love,
Take all that is mine to give…
And give in return to me,
Only thy heart.
A treasure,
Priceless beyond all count
For such is the joy and the beauty of thy love!
(c) 2000 Ernest Stewart


MEALS AND MEALS by John M. Bennett. All copyrights reserved.

I was cornulating lunge at clarifi-” scarification
so the word-index complete’d be, total exposi-
positioned far beyond the longest headache where the
eye should burst ‘ n breathe, all said all time, lunch
on the table clatters…(so the whilred’s less
leaky, more vortextual, conditioned for starvation,
for all the connections bleed from’s list like’s
arm’s ‘n hairs yanked out ” at once I said ” and the
pages frayed…The chairs all filled and the
shadows prayed!

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The Drums Of War

The Drums Of War
By Ernest Stewart

The drums of war ring loud tonight
The traitor’s words ring hollow.
To steal some oil they’ll go and fight
But I will never follow.

The golden land of yesterday
Is gone forever more.
And from the ashes sad to say
Arises the Phoenix of war.

A lie is told, the truth is spun
One thousand die a day.
Till every loving mother’s son
Is fighting in the fray.

The years pass by without a change
Except the deadly score.
And still they try to rearrange
To kill a million more.

What goes around, will come around
Someday upon our shore.
Promethius will come, unbound
To even up the score.

Empires rise, empires fall
And ours will do the same.
It’s not how high you build the wall
But how you play the game!
(c) 2010 Ernest Stewart