Norma Lee has an MA in communication disorders. She went through a struggled period in the late 1990’s and emerged from that with the aid of transpersonal psychotherapy. Over a decade later, Lee wrote and published her salving work: Transitions in Healing. A Journey. Published by Balboa Books, Transitions in Healing has reaped praise from several in the psychotherapy field. 52 archetypal images; vignetted stations of a pilgrimage, are accompanied by themed writings. Lee, a self-taught artist, created her images with pastel and colored pencil. With no formal art training, the images are rendered analgesic in a primordial homily. The employed, rudimentary aesthetics aptly serve this … Continue reading NORMA LEE’S “TRANSITIONS IN HEALING”


I have never met Richard Propes and knew nothing about him until a few years ago. A colleague advised me to send a recently completed film to a list of critics. Propes was among that list. I was warned that Propes was a hard critic, which sounded refreshing. I checked out his site: The Independent Film Critic and was surprised that he was also a local. Having written film criticism myself for a number of years, I discovered a colleague who approaches criticism with a pronounced aesthetic sensibility. Of course, I still knew nothing about him. He remained enigmatic. Richard Propes has … Continue reading RICHARD PROPES’ THE HALLELUJAH LIFE


A sublime manifesto. Brief, but no mere trifle. Simultaneously lucid and poetic, Wendy M. Wright’s “Mary and the Catholic Imagination” dips its pen into a desperately needed Sophiastic inkwell. An excerpt from her introduction: “I encountered the fascinatingly polymorphous religious symbol and touchingly intimate presence who answers to the name of Mary…She occupies a generous space in the hearts of those who speak tom look to, identify with, implore, honor, and hope in her. In a conceptual world in which sacred presence is powerfully sensed, she is among those presences most poignantly and deeply felt.” That last line could just … Continue reading MARY AND THE CATHOLIC IMAGINATION: AN IMAGINATIVE GEM

Fr. Justin Belitz O.F.M. Success:Full Relating (Spirituality for the 21st Century and Beyond) Australia Retreat

Fr. Justin Belitz O.F.M.. The above are images from his retreat at the Infant Jesus Parish in Morley Western Australia, April 2010. In March, 2011 Fr. Justin returned to the parish for a follow up retreat. Fr. Justin’s retreat centers around the teaching of his latest book, Success:Full  Relating. This is Fr. Justin’s third book in the success series. It is a guide to successful life goals and relationships. Success:Full Relating is also the most theological of his books, outlining the matriarchal/creation model of spirituality and the patriarchal/ fall/redemption model. Fr. Justin’s approach is lucid, optimistic, and inspiring. Fr. Justin … Continue reading Fr. Justin Belitz O.F.M. Success:Full Relating (Spirituality for the 21st Century and Beyond) Australia Retreat


Success: Full Thinking by Fr. Justin Belitz O.F.M The symbol of a heart often is utilized to express love, yet we recognize that this is a mere sign pointing the spiritual reality we know and experience as love. So Fr. Justin Belitz O.F.M begins by admitting that expressing the spiritual is, ultimately, inexpressible, but like the mystics before him, he is certainly going to continue trying.  This is the second (to date) of three books by Fr. Justin, the first being Success: Full Living and the latest, Success: Full Relating. On the surface, one might be tempted to think this triptych to … Continue reading SUCCESS:FULL THINKING. FR. JUSTIN BELITZ O.F.M.