"Of Mysticism and Social Justice" (Painted on wooden panel, door) ©Alfred Eaker 2020

Modern Spirituality

Progressive spirituality, modern voices Brother Cobweb and the alt-right Christianity (Satire) ‘Christ, our mother’ and her murderers: Donald Trump and the alt-right (Satire) “Alfred Eaker’s series of works are deeply felt journeys into sociopolitical satire. Each painting seems to be … Continue reading Modern Spirituality


From 1999 to 2000, I painted a mural, in oils, for St. Vincent De Paul client food choice pantry in Indianapolis, having been commissioned by Carolyn Reifel, who was the director of that facility. It took nearly a year. The mural was a donation btw, and we followed that with an art auction. Numerous local and national artists donated their work(s) to the auction in an effort to raise funds for the pantry.  The mural spanned several walls, on  dry wall. I began the mural with images of two priests who were and are still considerable influences in my life; … Continue reading MODERN SPIRITUALITY