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“Thundersky” documentary, available on

OUR DOCUMENTARY FILM THUNDER-SKY is finally out. DVDs are for sale here…

Alfred Eaker and J Ross Eaker of Eaker Productions have produced and directed a documentary about Raymond Thunder-Sky. The film, now making the rounds with film festival review boards, documents Raymond’s life and influence through interviews with Cincinnati artists, co-workers, construction workers, and fans who knew him. The cumulative effect of the film is a portrait not just of Raymond as a man or artist, but as a cultural and spiritual figure who through the persistence of his art-making and brave exploration of his own aesthetic universe, and through the persistence of those his life touched, became a touchstone for what it means to be creative and alive.

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The Thunder-Sky Folk Art Carnival 09/25/2010 – 09/26/2010

The First Annual Raymond Thunder-Sky Folk Art Carnival. September 25-26th, Cincinnati, Ohio. Join us and “Get Your Freak On”

BlueMahler at the Thunder-Sky Folk Art Carnival 09/25/10-09/26/10

THUNDER-SKY promo video for documentary

This is an 8 minute promotional video for a featured documentary

An art gallery and organization, inspired by Raymond Thunder-Sky — an unconventional artist whose works and life transcend notions of “outsider” and “insider” art, breaks barriers, demolishes stereotypes, and empowers artists (both self-taught and formally educated) through showcasing their works and stories side by side.

  • A documentary film directed and produced by Alfred Eaker & J. Ross Eaker.
  • Keith Banner and Bill Ross producers.
  • James Mannan and Patrick Greathouse Associate Producers Eaker Productions, LLC in association with Thunder-Sky, Inc.
  • Liberty or Death Productions, LLC Asylum House Productions, LLC
  • Asylum House Productions, LLC