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Stills from “STATIONS”

Stations, a work in progress…

  • Written by Alfred Eaker and Wendy Collin Sorin.
  • Additional poetry by John M. Bennett.
  • Directed by Alfred Eaker and J. Ross Eaker
  • Art director: Todd M. Coe
  • Additional art direction: J. Ross Eaker, Alfred Eaker and Wendy Collin Sorin.
  • Starring: Randy Cox as James the Lesser; Tristan Ross, as James the Greater; Amy Petinella, as Eve; Alfred Eaker, as BlueMahler; James Mannan, as Herod; Robin Panet, as the witch.

All images copyright of Eaker Productions, llc. © Eaker Productions 2014.

Productions stills from the movie “Stations”

Stations ©2013 Eaker productions