Brother Cobweb Novel

Brother Cobweb is a coming of age saga with a misfit, paradoxical artist at its center. The debut novel seeks to change perspectives through innovative language, dark humor, and marginalized subculture. Brother Cobweb is a surreal and provocative odyssey sure to strike a nerve as it exposes the abuses and hypocrisy of an all-too-familiar Midwestern evangelical church.

Brother Cobweb is now available through Open Books Press, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and all major bookshops and distributors. Have a taste of it in this kindle preview and see for yourself if you like it. It has been illustrated by the incomparable Todd M. Coe. As always, leave us a comment and I will do my very best to come back to you as soon as possible.

Fun trivia: The following are two quotes that informed me during the long process of writing “Brother Cobweb.”

Dahlia Lama: “We don’t need more success stories. We need more storytellers.”

Luigi Nono: “Seeker, there may be no destination, but you must travel the path.”

Synopsis of the novel, “BROTHER COBWEB”:

All Calvin Elkan has ever wanted to do is escape his mother and her Pentecostal church, the Lighthouse.

Calvin is eternally at odds with the brutal abuses and ignorance of his upbringing in a right-wing evangelical sect in Ohio. Under the guidance of his great-grandfather, he turns to art and music to escape his mother’s blows and the grip of the Lighthouse. He spins the dark world around him into a satirical comic called The Brother Cobweb Chronicles. After high school, Calvin moves out and enrolls in art school, finally free of his oppressive childhood home.

But after a brush with death, Calvin realizes escape isn’t enough.

Through his artwork and a newfound sense of spirituality, Calvin works through the emotional trauma and distances himself from his past only to uncover yet another ugly secret from the Lighthouse—a secret that makes him question everything…

Keywords: dark humor, satirical, comic, artist, pentecostal, coming of age, spirituality, Midwestern, evangelical

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