Alfred Eaker Sr. (March 3, 1938-Oct 14, 2016): A son’s tribute to his father.


“Paternal Compassion: Alfred Eaker (SR.) Rescuing The Dog Starsky From The Blizzard Of 1978.” © 2016 Alfred Eaker


“Alfred Eaker Sr’s Onion Of Paternal Compassion For His Son, Robert.”©  Alfred Eaker 2016


Birthday Money For David- A portrait of young David Eaker and Alfred Eaker, Sr. © 2017 Alfred Eaker


Extra, Extra, Extra Pickles. Christmas Sliders At Anita’s. A Portrait Of Alfred Eaker Sr. © Alfred Eaker 2017


Goodbye Brave, Sweet Man ( A Tribute To Alfred Eaker, Sr. By His Son, Alfred Eaker, Jr.) © 2017 Alfred Eaker
Although the liver cancer that killed him was quick (he died three weeks after being diagnosed), Dad’s health struggles were a big part of his life for the last seventeen years. Ravaged by diabetes, having survived prostate cancer, a heart attack, quadruple bypass,  and a stroke (among other things, including the first stages of Alzheimers), Dad kept plugging along. I was one of his caretakers for three years. Often, I would find him asleep with his beloved dog Pixie, watching Spiderman, which oddly was one of his favorite movies. Dad was more a western guy and after asking him why he liked Spiderman, Dad said,”cuz, he’s nice.” It reminded me of something Dad said years ago. Dad would only rarely watch John Wayne movies and usually avoided them ( he preferred the one with the Duke at the circus). Instead, Dad often watched Gary Cooper, Randolph Scott, Jeff Chandler, and Johnny Mack Brown. I braved asking him why he didn’t like watching John Wayne movies. Dad’s answer was pure Dad, “Cuz, he’s mean Alfred. He’s a mean man… don’t wanna waste my time watching someone so full of hate.”

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