Eskimos have over 200 words for snow. English has 1 word for love, until now, until Wonderlove.


Wonderlove is the scandalous story of impossible love, a kind of love that is universally taboo yet is vibrant in every culture and in nowhere more so than within the education sector.


What happens when you meet someone with whom you have a divine spark–but–there are mitigating circumstances that makes it impossible to be together? We have seen variations on this theme all across time and space in the human condition, except that until now it had never had a name.


We go beyond unrequited love–because there is a level of knowing mutuality to Wonderlove–there is a field of possibility that as famed psychologist Carl Jung says,

“The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed.”


Wonderlove introduces you to three people: Eli, Lily, and Aster. Eli, a professor, Lily a wildly bright and magical student, and Aster, also a student in Lily’s class that may know more than their teacher. Wonderlove follows the threads of the myth of an impossible situation, one of steep sensuality and sacred awareness.


Wonderlove impacts everyone or definitely has the potential to do so because it is its own natural, archetypal force of the unconscious nature of the human psyche. Wonderlove chooses you, you do not choose it. This is not a crush, an infatuation, or a pathology, Wonderlove is a soulful alchemical transformation that brings front-and-center all that was ever known to be true and right and good balanced with the shadow side of romantic love.

Alfred & Aja Eaker Portland  (Alfred Eaker, Aja Rossman-Gray) 2014 black and white

Wonderlove hits you like a Mack truck on an icy mountain road at midnight on a Tuesday in a snow storm. You are tending to the business of your life, not looking, not trying, not doing anything but doing what you “think” you are supposed to be doing and–BAM!!! Wonderlove strikes. A lot like lightening, it may happen once in your lifetime, it may happen twice, but it will happen.

AJA ROSSMAN GRAY garden steps

Wonderlove is the name of the force of nature that knocks you on your ass in astonishment. How could it be that you had lived all these years never knowing that she or he existed? Now what? Why this? Why now? What are you being called to do or to know?

Aja Rossman Gray Alfred Eaker

Wonderlove promises a way out by going through it and nothing more, nothing less. It is only in the total surrender and acceptance by which one may step back and honestly assess the size of the situation and come to terms with the cosmic gale force winds blowing through your heart.

Aja Rossman Gray and Alfred Eaker Christmas

Wonderlove makes you question your place in this world on every level, and for a good reason, it invites you to wake up a little bit more–not just to your desire, but soon, if honest about what is happening–you will be more than what you were before this phenomenon leaped into your life.

Aja Rossman Gray and Alfred Eaker wedding kiss

Wonderlove is about forbidden fruit and tells the tale from both sides of the proverbial apple of temptation. For how you feel about someone, there is always a reason of the heart, an intention of the soul, something that wants to come into being or awareness. It may get messy, it may get scary, it may get edgy, it is guaranteed to make your heart pound, your palms sweat, your knees week (even the strongest of us), your face flush, your body buzz, and you will know longing and yearning like never before.

Aja Rossman Gray Alfred Eaker  B & W

Wonderlove is about magic. It is about connection. It is about awakening to the desire to cross barriers of time and space. It has spunk, personality, and a life of its own. Wonderlove both happens to you and you happen to it.


Wonderlove, the novel, explains all this through the lens of a professor and his apt pupil, following them both down the rabbit hole of taboo attraction. With an assortment of colorful faculty, astute cohort members and an university with its own quirks, Wonderlove happens to an entire community.


When I finished writing Wonderlove, my editor had just one question, regarding the end of the book. Did that really happen?

AJA Rossman Gray AND Alfred Eaker WEDDING 11:01:14

Read it, think about it, and see. And now, I give you, Wonderlove.

Aja Gray, MA, PhD-C, INLSP

January 2015

Aja Rossman Gray (blue dress)