The Beauty Of Thy Love

The Beauty Of Thy Love

The tenderest of kisses and caresses,
I send to thee…
To wash all o’er your body
Like the waves upon a beach,
Take my hand,
Take my love,
Take all that is mine to give…
And give in return to me,
Only thy heart.
A treasure,
Priceless beyond all count
For such is the joy and the beauty of thy love!
(c) 2000 Ernest Stewart

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About Alfred Eaker

Alfred Eaker is a fine arts painter, an award-winning independent filmmaker, and has a masters of theological studies in the arts. His Masters thesis was: "Justification By Imagination.The Marian Art Of Thomas Merton." For nine years, he has been a film critic (for 366 Weird Movies). His essays for that site have been published in the yearbooks and quoted in various film biographies. He is the author of the forthcoming novel, "Brother Cobweb." He currently lives in Gresham, Oregon where he performs his character, Brother Cobweb at The House Of Shadows.